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Substance Abuse
Substance Abuse Screeening Tools PDF Print E-mail

The ICARE Partnership is continually working to identify and develop tools to support providers practicing in integrated care settings.  The screening tools below are provided by the Governor's Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

Another helpful guide, "Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much:  A Clinician's Guide 2005 Edition" can be found the web site of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.   Continuing medical education is available on how to use this guide at

Screening Tools and Algorithms from the Greene County/ECU Project


Other Screening Tools

Please access the ICARE Partnership Weblinks to access the Governor's Institute and a listing of other sites with practice tools supporting integrated care.  Visit our site policies page to review how algorithms are reviewed and posted on this site.

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Additional Resources PDF Print E-mail

See the Area L AHEC site for a downloadable PDA of Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much.

 See our web links for additional resources under substance abuse to include smoking cessation.