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Which aspect of managing patients with behavioral health concerns do you find most challenging?

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Welcome to the ICARE Partnership Website!

Integrated care is an idea whose time has come.  As evidence grows about the complex interrelationships between mind and body, it is clear that the artificial divisions that have fragmented healthcare delivery are no longer relevant.  In order to provide high-quality care, we must create strong partnerships that allow for collaborative practice.

This website is a resource for health care providers who are exploring or already committed to integrated care.  We hope that these pages will provide practical information and some inspiration too.  As our site grows, we invite you to explore the integrated care models that are being tested. Discuss practice issues with other colleagues.  Use the educational resources and practice tools that are included here.  Make suggestions about how we can improve this resource.

Your participation makes a difference.  We invite you to join us in creating a healthcare system that is Integrated, Collaborative, Accessible, Respectful, and Evidence-based.   To read more about the ICARE Partnership see our brochure.

We recently developed An ICARE Policy Brief. "Achieving Integrated Care In North Carolina: In Support of Governor Perdue's Behavioral Health Agenda".  Please click here for a copy.

County Resources

Visit our NC resource directory for a county-by-county listing of resources for mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse services. The map has been updated to include resources by county on your local LME, DSS, hospitals, resources in mental health/developmental disabilities, addictions, child/adolescent services, as well, as a resource directory for finding professional services for child/adolescent and adult needs. For informational resources, see our links section.

A word about language... because the term “behavioral health” means different things to different people, it is necessary to clarify our use of it.  For the purposes of this website, we define behavioral health as the domain of health care encompassing prevention, management and treatment of mental and emotional illness, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse.  We do not intend to imply that persons afflicted with psychiatric or neurological conditions, “choose” their conditions.


County Resources

NC state map
Click the map for a listing of MH/DD/SAS resources by county. Updated interactive map August 2009.

Free Online CE/CME

Free Online CE/CME
NEW  Participate in our recorded ICARE web conferences now!


Integrated Care Works for Patients, Providers in Clinton
Clinton Medical Clinic one of first practices in the area to offer integrated care using a holistic approach to health care, with professionals who treat body and mind in concert. Read the article here.
Issue Brief from NASMD
Issue brief for those serving the needs of Medicaid enrollees with integrated behavioral health services in safety new primary care settings.  Read the brief.
AAFP News Now

Experts Call for Integration of Primary Care with Mental Health, Substance Abuse Services.  Read the article.